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 Server Rules!

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PostSubject: Server Rules!   Thu May 15, 2008 9:12 pm

There are rules for playing on the server. They are mostly self explanatory however I know one day eventually we will get the wise ass who will say I didn't do anything wrong. There are no rules to follow. This has not happened yet but I am preventing it for future reference. The server rules are as follows along with the appropriated punishment.

Insta-Ban No Questions
1. Exploitation of bugs
2. Abuse of any special privileges
3. Harassment in any way of players or GMs (must be proven)
4. Real Life threats (falls under harassment)
5. Any form of hacking and I mean ANY

Temporary Suspension - Possible Perma Ban
1. Wall climbing for self gain
2. Duping of items or gold
3. Disrespecting a Gamemaster to an Extreme (if they are being reasonable)
4. Disrespecting Players to an Extreme (if they are being reasonable)
5. Corpse Camping (to an extreme)
6. Pretending to be a GM

1. Corpse Camping
2. EXTREME use of offencive language (only if reported)
3. Disrespecting Gamemasters
4. Disrespecting Players
5. Greifing or Mob Stealing
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Server Rules!
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